Why pay for planning?

Why pay for planning?

Fair Question!

With everything available at your fingertips on the internet, why would you need to pay me to help plan your trip? Well, that’s exactly why. Everything is available at your fingertips. On the internet. Everything. The internet. A black hole of time, information and opinions. You get it.

Putting all of your ideas, hopes and dreams into one ideal itinerary can be hard. You’ve never been there before, there could be language barriers, will you get to see it all? You can’t possibly know every trick before you go. So leave it to me.

It’s worth saying again: trip planning takes up a lot of time. On average it takes about 10-30 hours. Probably more. Are you willing to spend that kind of time planning a trip? Or would you rather work on some new dance moves? We understand each other.

Did you know that some train platforms in Germany will only take up to €10 notes? Or that you should carry small change to use a public restroom? These little tips are crucial to having a great trip. I’ll make sure you know about them.

I’m an accredited beer sommelier and I’ve either lived in these destinations or have visited them multiple times. I’ll get you to the best places for your tastes and you won’t have to worry about wandering aimlessly and wasting precious vacation time.

I’m not your typical travel advisor: It’s not just about the commissions to me. I actually live in and frequently visit all of these great places–they’re in my backyard! I’ll only recommend places I’ve taken my family and friends to and loved. I want to create YOUR dream brewcation.

Brewcation with the kids? Absolutely. I have a toddler myself and I wasn’t waiting until he was 18 to go on another beer trip. I can plan your brewcation full of places appropriate for children where the grown-ups can still enjoy some of the world’s best beer. I know, because I’ve done it myself.

Thirsty for your brewcation yet?

Have an accredited beer sommelier plan your perfect beer trip and all you’ll have to worry about is finding a seat in the pub!

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