Why Unfiltered Journeys Exists

Why I Do What I Do

Beer is fun. Period.

Welcome! I’m so excited to finally open the doors to Unfiltered Journeys. Let me tell you about what–and why–I’m doing.

I’ve been writing and working in the beer industry now for about 8 years (and enjoying the, umm, fruits of the industry for much longer than that.) I have had a lot of fun and am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. Yet, as with any job, once you get involved in the “goings-on” of a particular business you start to see things in a different light. And some negativity creeps in. I figure there’s enough negativity in the world and beer shouldn’t have any part in it.

So, I started Unfiltered Journeys.

I just wanted to create a place that was purely about fun, connecting people and that celebrates everything that is great about beer. So, not only do I get you to your favorite places to grab a beer, but, after you’ve been, I strive to have you take away more meaning, understanding and memories about what you’ve just experienced.

What You Get at Unfiltered Journeys

Besides getting you to your favorite place to grab a beer, I want Unfiltered Journeys to be a place for positivity and inspiration. This world is so amazing and, much like food (but to a lesser extent, obviously) beer has been at the center of survival, communities and culture since, at least, the dawn of humanity. So, I just want to celebrate all of that.

I guess that’s just a long, fancy way of saying that I just want to have fun! With beer!

I’ll be putting up travel journals of beery trips that I’ve taken with my family. My hope is that I’ll inspire you to get out and see this fascinating world we live in–and look at it through the bottom of a glass because each beer does tell a story. A delicious, tasty story.

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. — Henry Miller

I also love games. Board games, trivia games, sports: you name it, I love it. I just think games are fun (also, I take smack-talking–that I can’t actually back up with results or skill–to a whole new level.) We’ll be playing lots of games around here: pub quizzes on Facebook, beer scavenger hunts. Hell, let’s have a beer every time the Packers score a touchdown. No, let’s not. Enjoy beer responsibly, people.

In a nutshell, I want Unfiltered Journeys to be your favorite place to grab a beer–on the way to your actual favorite place to grab a beer.

What You Won’t Get at Unfiltered Journeys

Negativity, moaning and beer reviews are OUT. Yes, I’m a beer expert and I know what I’m saying but, it’s not like I’m the one voice you should listen to (a point that my toddler wholeheartedly agrees with…) In the end, the only voice that matters is your own. After all, it’s YOUR favorite place to grab a beer.

I respect the people working behind each beer too much to give my lame-ass opinion on it (if you ask, however, I’ll tell you what I think.) Brewing beer is hard work! And everybody, right down to the person hand-applying labels on a bottle is doing their best to make what they think is great beer. 99% of the people working in the beer industry are just putting in a hard-day’s work, supporting their families or otherwise just trying to live their lives. So, umm, why would I try to do anything to prevent that?

With that said, if you see it on Unfiltered Journeys you’ll know it’s great and gets my two thumbs up. Basically, if I don’t have anything nice to say–I won’t say it at all.

Are You Ready for Some Fun?

There you have it–why I do what I do.

We’re here to have fun, we’re here to connect and we’re here to see the world through the bottom of a glass.

Welcome to Unfiltered Journeys–YOUR favorite place to grab a beer.



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