Amsterdam & Haarlem

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If you really want to relax and have a beer, there’s no better place to do it than in the Netherlands. Dutch breweries have made their mark in the beer universe, having some of the best examples of wild beers, IPAs, Imperial Stouts, and, yes, even lagers, in the world. It’s here where you can sip on an ancient beer style in the middle of a Monday in Haarlem. Or stop for a spritzy Wit after a stroll watching boats meander through the canals in Amsterdam. It’s in these cities where life slows just enough to take it all in: each sip, each whiff, each beer.

And each puff. If that’s your thing.

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Amsterdam and Haarlem

Sipping a beer, watching people on bikes wooosh past–up and over canal bridges–it’s easy to get lost in the moment. Eventually, however, the history surrounding you in Amsterdam and Haarlem brings you back to reality. Between the spires of 13th century churches (ahem, adjacent to the Red Light District) and the feeling that WWII just wasn’t that long ago, there’s a humbling thought. The thought that we are lucky to be able to just sit and have a beer.

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