Düsseldorf & Cologne, Munich & Bavaria, and Bamberg

Germany Brewcation

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If anybody knows how to have a good time with beer, it’s the Germans. It’s here where you can experience sparkling clean lagers in relaxing sunny Biergartens. Or enjoy a classic Weissbier after a hike in the shadows of the Bavarian Alps. Laugh in bemusement as one of Düsseldorf’s Köbes brings you yet another Altbier without you asking. But, most importantly of all, it’s here where you will create memories and connect–over a massive beer no less–with those who make you laugh the most.

And the memories stay with you the longer you wear lederhosen.

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Düsseldorf and Cologne

These two cities are rivals in just about everything–right down to the beer. Start your brewcation on Düsseldorf’s gorgeous riverwalk and art museums and then make your way to Cologne for views of an extraordinary cathedral and charming old city. But the only true winner here is the beer. So what will it be? Düsseldorf’s Altbier or Cologne’s Kölsch?

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Munich and Bavaria

Bavaria and beer are about as synonymous with Germany as lederhosen. Beyond the famed Oktoberfest beer, which can only come from Munich, Bavaria is also known for its impressive Weissbiers. Have a brewcation in Munich with its gorgeous architecture and beer halls and then make your way out to the countryside where you can enjoy a beer in the Bavarian Alps. Not too shabby.

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With a fair few breweries in town (11) or in the county (umm, 60) suffice it to say, there’s good reason to take a beer trip to Bamberg. Most famed for the smoky-flavored Rauchbiers, Bamberg is host to some breweries that date into the 14th century. While beer is certainly a draw to this Franconian city, its frescoed buildings and 13th century cathedral are worthy of their listing as UNESCO World Heritage site.

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