Flanders, The Ardennes & Brussels

Belgium Brewcation

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With a brewing culture dating back centuries–and still setting the standard today–Belgium is the place to go to experience beer in all its tasty glory. It’s here where you can taste the perfection of the Trappist and Abbey-style ales. Or wonder what is going on in your mouth with your first sip of lambic. Enjoy a zesty saison or Belgian witbier without having to harvest wheat (like the farmhands of yesteryear did…) It’s in Belgium where you can eat great food and drink great beer until your heart’s content. And then do it some more.

Don’t worry if your Flemish or French is a bit rusty; everybody speaks beer.

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Famous for their beauty, gastronomy and–well–beer, the Flemish cities of Brugge, Gent and Antwerpen are must-have stops on your epic beer trip to Belgium. The Flanders region of Belgium has a beer culture as vibrant as its colorful history. So, whether you choose a Belgian blond or a wit, views of medieval market squares and impressive cathedrals make it all taste just a little bit better.

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The Ardennes

With its rolling hills, a deep connection with nature and jaw-dropping monasteries, it’s hard to top the Belgian Ardennes for your once-in-a-lifetime brewcation. Grab some local beer for a relaxing picnic or enjoy tasting the area’s monastic brewing traditions at quaint cafés throughout the countryside. Whatever you choose, the experience will linger with you long past the last drop.

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Some say Belgium has the best beer. So, if Brussels is the capital of Belgium, does that make Brussels the capital of beer? With its world-class café culture, world-renowned breweries and whole museums devoted to Belgian brewing, I’d say the argument is there. Grab a gueuze or sip a saison, just be sure to pair it with food for a truly gastronomic brewcation in Brussels.

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