Custom Planning Stout

Custom Planning Stout

Custom Planning Stout Itineraries

Do you want to make sure you fit everything in during your trip? Are you traveling in a group that just needs someone to make some decisions? Then go for my Custom Planning Stout.

I’ll plan a custom beer vacation itinerary for you taking into account the exact things you want to see and do–in a realistic schedule.

You’ll get a detailed itinerary based around opening hours, transport considerations and your individual needs. I’ll give you the specifics on which trains, buses or taxis you should get to stay on schedule. With final approval, I’ll also make restaurant reservations and other activity bookings*. You’ll also get accommodation recommendations with detailed contact information so you can book on your own and still use your points or loyalty accounts. Access or adjust your itinerary and get the area travel guide in the handy app provided or choose to receive your itinerary by PDF if your phone is already too full of 80’s hair band music. Finally, with In-Destination Support, get help for any reservation changes, possible substitutes or other small problems that may arise.*

This is the ultimate way to experience fascinating beer cultures without missing a thing!

Perfect for:

  • Groups
  • Those who like to maximize their time
  • Those who have FOMO


  • $50 per calendar day of planning.
  • Up to 5 people. Add $5 per extra person, per day of planning.
  • Late evening arrivals and early morning departures are free of charge and do not count towards calendar days.

*Bookings: For activities and tours that require pre-payment, there will be a 2.9% transaction fee for US-based cards. You will be invoiced for the costs and I will complete the booking via my credit card for your protection. Please contact me for fee schedule if using a non-US-based card.

*In-Destination Support: Please give at least three hours notice for any changes or updates. In case of emergency, please refer to your area travel guide for emergency numbers or nearest hospital/police stations.

* Revisions: A revision is a major change to schedule. I’m happy to swap out restaurants or other activities free of charge, so long as it won’t drastically alter the plan. Revisions over the allotted amount for your package will be $25 per day. Easiest way to avoid this is to e-mail me all of your hopes wishes and dreams before I get to building your itinerary. I’ll make sure they get in there!

Custom Planning Stout Itinerary

$50 per calendar day of planning (Up to 5 people. Add $5 per extra person, per day of planning)
  • Custom Detailed Brewcation Schedule
  • Detailed information of recommended hotels, restaurants, activities and transportation
  • Hotel, transportation, restaurant and activity bookings as needed*
  • In-destination support*
  • Includes up to 5 travelers
  • Unlimited e-mail with me
  • Up to three (3) revisions*
  • Choice of access to handy itinerary app or .pdf
  • Area beer and travel guide
  • Walking map
  • Delivery in 7-10 days

Thirsty for your brewcation yet?

Have an accredited beer sommelier plan your perfect beer trip and all you’ll have to worry about is finding a seat in the pub!

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