Brewcation Guides

Brewcation Guides

Brewcation Guides

Are you traveling to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands or Northern England and you’re just wanting the best places to go for beer, food and must-see sights in your destination? Do you want to make sure you try the best local beers or bring a great souvenir home? Then go for one of my Brewcation Guides.

My Brewcation Guides are nicely designed PDFs which have a general list of great activities, restaurants and–of course–beery hot spots in your preferred destination. Purchase for immediate download!

My Brewcation Guides include my expert opinion on local beers to try as well as local food specialties. You’ll have all of the operating hours, contact and logistical information and transportation options at your fingertips. The included area travel guide will give you further insight into the local beer culture and its famous historic sights.

Print it off and pack your bags–it’s time to go down the pub!

Perfect for:

  • Beer-focused travelers
  • Those who have limited time in a destination
  • Those who don’t want to get sucked into the Black Hole of the Internet trying to find the perfect beer


  • $10 per Brewcation Guide.

Brewcation Guides

$10PDF Download
  • Nicely designed PDF
  • Immediately downloadable
  • Best places to go for beer, food and sights
  • My expert recommendations for local beers and foods to try
  • Operating hours, contact information
  • Logistical and transportation information
  • Walking map
  • Space for your own notes

Thirsty for your brewcation yet?

Some of you like to plan your own vacations–and that’s cool.

My brewcation guides take the guesswork out of which internet opinion to listen to. I’m a real beer expert and I’ve really been to these places, again and again. I’m like your online guardian beer angel.