What’s an unfiltered journey?

Simply put, it’s your favorite place to grab a beer.

It’s your favorite places, people and beer. You connect, laugh and create memories.

It’s a journey that keeps all the good stuff–it’s an Unfiltered Journey

It’s about the people.

From learning the rules of buying rounds between banter with friends in England to entertaining philosophical discussions at a Stammtisch in Germany, it goes well beyond just drinking beer.

For hundreds of years beer has been at the center of many tables, pulling people together in conversation, in good times and in bad. It has been at the center of discussions of philosophy, politics and current events. It has been the ice-breaker, the friend-maker, the mick-taker.

To experience the best of beer culture

Experience the best of beer culture–your way–with custom Brewcation trip planning with Unfiltered Journeys. Explore sites in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands or the UK and find your favorite place to grab a beer.

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While one of Belgium’s lovely saisons go down nicely under the hot summer sun or a cask ale hits the spot in the English countryside, chances are you won’t remember much about exactly how it tasted. (Unless you’re that guy.) You’ll remember the people you were with and how much you laughed. How relaxed you were. You’ll remember how you felt.

Founded by accredited Beer Sommelier, Maggie Cubbler, Unfiltered Journeys is here to create those experiences; to bring people like you together around great beer in the world’s greatest beer destinations.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Maggie Cubbler. I’m an accredited Beer Sommelier, wife and mother-to-a-two-year-old. I’m a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, fluent in French and I always win at board games. Well, mostly always. Ok, sometimes.

I’m originally from the States but I’ve been living in Europe since 2011; five years in the north of England and then I moved to Germany, where I am now. As a beer professional, I couldn’t have lived in better places to help me grow into the expert that I am today. The pub is my place of duty. It doesn’t suck.

As a beer sommelier I have given guided tastings at the Great British Beer Festival in London, worked as the resident beer expert for BeerHawk.co.uk and been used as an expert source in publications like the Telegraph and FHM magazine. I started Unfiltered Journeys because I realized I had been doing it already for friends and family for years. As a noted beer expert, I always knew the best places to find the world’s best beer. Thus, my friends (and husband) were happy to let me research, research, plan, research and book all of our holidays. It’s a LOT of work. As I’m sure you know. Therefore, I’m taking my (probably way too much) knowledge of beer in Europe and turning it around to create epic Brewcation itineraries. That way you can relax and have a beer before, well, relaxing and having a beer.

And who knows? Maybe we’ll run into each other in one of these great beer destinations someday? It would be great to see you.

Are you ready to start planning?